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Heater Dimensions

Our hot water heaters are  designed according to EuropeanStandards - EN303-5.  All weldings are done by qualified and certifed Welders.

The heaters are put through hydrostatiic test pressure 1.5 times the maximum operating pressure. The inner side of the furnace door is insulated with high temperature resistant fire refractory giving very good insulation and ensuring the high efficiency. The understoker auto-feeder delivers the right amount of sawdust into the furnace according to the heat demand. When the set temperature is reached the feeder stops automatically.

The furnace is water cooled ensuring long operating life. All hot water heater system should have an expansion tank with no valves in between, ensuring an open system to the atmosphere such that no explosion will take place when temperature reaches above boiling point of water.

The understoker feeding system is extremely safe as the fuel is fed under the flame. The combustion is excellent as the wood fuel is first preheated before reaching the top of the fuel pile.   

EKO Series Hot Water Heater c/w Saw Dust Feeder

 Wood-Waste Fired Hot Water Heater